Oct. 2013


Growing String of Hearts or Ceropegia woodii

The String of Hearts or Ceropegia woodii is very unusual looking plants with mottled grey, green and purple heart shaped leaves.  It is sometimes know as the Rosary Vine. It produces small tubers which look like little potatoes. These store food and water. The flower is very strange in appearance. It is a tube with the end looking like a blender. Like many interesting and strange plants is native to Africa. I will post pictures in a few days.


This plant is usual grown as a hanging basket. The vine form long string with the heart shaped leaves and occasional flowers or tuber. It is so strange looking that it does not look real.


Water. It like to be water regularly. The leaves should be thick and full. If they are paper thick the plant is low on water.


Humidity. This plants will adjust to humidity level. If you are in a high humidity area will not need to water the plants as often.


Soil. This plant will grow in any type of soils. Add more Perlite to the mix so the roots do not get too wet. I have grown this plant in regular soil from my garden. In wetter soil mix the plant must be allowed to dry between watering.


Light. This plant does well in bright light. It does not need full sun. If the light is too low the stem will stretch and the leaves will be far apart. It will look better if grow in enough light. Also the purple coloring will fade


Propagation. It is usually from cuttings. If they is a tuber forming on one of the stems. They can be place against soil in a pot. When they have rooted down you can cut the stem and have a separate plant. You can also cut off a tuber and part of the stem and coil it around the small pot. It will have the chance to root. Most succulent plants will root from small pieces. It is nature way to maximize the chances for the plants survival if not the mother plant then pieces of it.


Fertilizer. Always with fertilizer less is more. A little fertilizer is helpful. Using too much will possibly burn the roots.

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